Hanukkah Animal Extravaganza (And Links)

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The 20 Most Important GIFs Of 2011 |UPROXX|

Louis C.K. Fan Art Worthy Of Hanging Above Your Toilet |UPROXX|

Pillage & Plunder: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review |Smoking Section|

Frotcast 79: Prison Memoirs, Heroin, and Hanukkah Songs With Burnsy |Film Drunk|

Warming Glow’s guide to TV gifts under $15 for people you hate |Warming Glow|

Let’s take a good long look at Kobe Bryant’s alleged mistress, Jessica Burciaga |With Leather|

A Golden Treasury Of Dogs Looking Shamed And Emasculated While Pooping |UPROXX|

6 Fast 6 Furious and 7ast and 7urious to shoot back 2 back |Film Drunk|

The 2011-12 With Leather NBA power rankings |With Leather|

Conan and the Human Centipede Menorah |Warming Glow|

LOLNFL 2011: WEEK 15 |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Excited Suh Photoshops |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Win A Stalley “Lincoln Way” Jersey |Smoking Section|

Everybody vs. An Icy Staircase |GorillaMask|

Cat Soothing Crying Baby To Sleep |I-Am-Bored|

The Eight Greatest Adult Swim Hanukkah Clips |Adult Swim|

Minecraft Wrapping Paper: Happy Holidaysssss |Technabob|

Animals Wearing Yarmulkes (also the source of all the pictures in this post) |Buzzfeed|

TWO VIDEOS BELOW: Cats celebrating Hanukkah |Several more videos videos available at BestWeekEver|

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When not writing for Uproxx, Caleb likes to volunteer at the legless cat shelter and photoshop the Babadook into all of his family photos. He once resolved the question “To be or not to be?” through the clever use of General Semantics. Your mom thinks you could be more like him if you only applied yourself.

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