Jabba the Squirrel, Wharrgarbl Dogs, and Links

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INSET PICTURE: Dogs Vs. Sprinklers [Buzzfeed]

South Park Takes Thinly Veiled Shots At Tyler The Creator & LA Noire, I Think [Uproxx]

What do Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and the Westboro Baptist Church have in common [WithLeather]

Universal rebooting their Wolfman remake, which was only a year old. Game over, man. [Filmdrunk]

From Wii U to PlayStation Vita: 10 Of E3 2011’s Biggest Stories [TSS]

FilmDrunk Frotcast #51, with Brandon Mendelson, X-Men [Filmdrunk]

Alec Baldwin is Reaganing [WarmingGlow]

7 Website Mashups [CollegeHumor]

Conan O’Brien Wants to Brawl [Unreality]

A Gallery of Incredible Solar Flares [EgoTV]

Best Or Worst Personalized Capital One Card? [NextRound]

This is Why You Don’t Rollerblade Down a Slide [Brobible]

18 of the best recurring SNL characters of all-time [Guyism]

“Tucker & Dale vs Evil” finally getting a theatrical release [Geektress]

Commission a Sketch to Help Pay Legal Fees of Girl Who Refused to Cheer Her Attacker.  Bonus, end up on a watchlist for clicking this link that ends with “/cheerleader-texas-rape-sketches/” [ComicsAlliance]

VIDEO BELOW: “Just how many balloons you can attach to your newfie? Let’s find out.” [via SayOMG]

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