Ultra-Realistic 'Futurama' Art Is The Best Kind Of Nightmare Fuel

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Good news, everyone! Jared Krichevsky completed his training as a CG Generalist and Designer in 2010. More importantly, he put those skills to work creating ultra-realistic, 3-dimensional models of Futurama characters. Hmmm, I just realized it seems odd to type, “Good news, everyone!” underneath a photo which reads “Puny Earth doomed?” Unless, of course, you hate the Earth. And I do. *empties aerosol can directly at a cloud shaped like an endangered slow loris*

The five characters Jared Krichevsky has released so far are collected here, and they are amazing. There’s a link beneath each photo to the relevant page at Krichevsky’s site if you want to check out the disturbing 3D models he made during the process of creating each picture. Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy for the assist.

Lrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8 [via]

Nibbler [via]

Kif Kroker [via]

Need some nightmare fuel? Why not Zoidberg? [via]

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