Just How Many Times Do They Say ‘F***’ In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’?

04.22.14 3 years ago • 2 Comments
gta v

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V features, in addition to acts of reckless driving, heavily implied acts of perversion from Trevor, actual acts of perversion you can engage in, and shooting people in the face while incredibly high, a lot of profanity. But, how much profanity, precisely? One YouTuber played the game through to find out.

Your first hint at just how high the counter’s going to run? This video is twelve minutes long:

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This just includes the dialogue from the main quests and the endings, and also serves as a useful primer on what happens in those other two endings because, come on, we all took the option that let us shoot those incredibly smug villains in the face. Also, for some reason, “s***” is not an acceptable profanity, possibly because realistically that would expand this supercut to the majority of the game’s cutscenes.

As it stands, though, you may be surprised at just how potty-mouthed the game actually is. Play it through and beat all three endings and you hear 1,018 versions of f*** and its variants. And here they say video games aren’t mature!

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