Dogs Who Are Ready For The 4th Of July (And Links)

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15 Musicians Who Were Sent To Jail At The Peak Of Their Careers |UPROXX|

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Rally Cross Jump Fail |GorillaMask|

5 Tips To Properly Heckle A Movie |Fark|

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Worst Female Superhero: The Debate |College Humor|

41 Regrettably Tacky Photos Of Famous People |Buzzfeed|

The 10 Best and 5 Worst Films of the First Half of 2012 |Pajiba|

Futurama Yahtzee: Bite My Shiny Plastic Dice Cup! |Technabob|

VIDEO BELOW: Five bulldogs playing tetherball are almost as cute as the Tetherball Corgis and the Tetherball Cats, but absolutely nothing is as cute as the Tetherball Corgis. |via The Daily What|

[Pictures via Brown Cardigan and TheFrogman.]

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