Stefon Visits Romney Headquarters, Friendship Bracelets, Death Metal Pugs, And Links

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11.07.12 2 Comments

Best friends forever.

25 Funny Political Signs The World Needs Today |UPROXX|

Val Kilmer chopped his hair off with a knife because he’s sane. |Film Drunk|

Theory: A Soccer Headshot Is Funnier If It Happens Twice |With Leather|

10 Longshot Predictions For The NBA Season |Smoking Section|

Hipster Brady Knew About Aerosmith Before You Did |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

‘Archer’ Is ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Skyfall’ Is ‘Archer’ |Warming Glow|

“Please Advise” |High Definite|

Honest Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man |Gorilla Mask|

The Most Common Write-In Candidates |College Humor|

Coolest Mom Ever Creates Hobbit Doll House |Technabob|

5 Great Musical Scores for 5 Disappointing Movies |Unreality|

20 TV Actors More Deserving Of Your “Nepotism” Scorn |Pajiba|

9 GIFs Of The Rolling Stones When They Were Young |Buzzfeed|

If You Don’t Tip the Pizza Guy, He’ll Piss All Over Your Door |Brobible|

Sarah Silverman’s Crotch Prank Makes Conan Blush |HuffPost Comedy|

5 U.S. Cities That Were Destroyed—and Completely Rebuilt |Mental Floss|

Nine original poems from videogames. Who says videogames are illiterate? |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Pugs sing death metal. |via Vulture|

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[Pictures via Pleated-Jeans and Blue Gal.]

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