Breaking Bad IRL, The Chillest Cat Ever, And Links

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Check out the video of this chill little fellow below |via DP&F|

Here Is A Supercut Of Ron Swanson Talking About Food And Now I’m Hungry |Warming Glow|

Meme Watch: The Overly Attached Girlfriend Is Not Overly Attached, Just A Little Misunderstood Girlfriend |UPROXX|

Deleted scenes from Prometheus |Film Drunk|

Aaron Rodgers Lost A Bet To Boyz II Men |With Leather|

Ever Heard The Story About Prince, Dave Chappelle, And Questlove? |Smoking Section|

Peter King Believes Peyton Manning Should Live In No-Huddleville |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Animated Banksy Pieces |High Definite|

The Making of a Mega Man Cake |Unreality|

The Best Family Guy Side Characters |Adult Swim|

Guy Attends John Mayer Concert in New Jersey, Winds Up Having Sex Under the Ben Franklin Bridge |Brobible|

The Life and Times of America’s First Murderer |Mental Floss|

First Grader Pulls Out Tooth With Monster Truck |Gorilla Mask|

Dance into the Fire: All the Bond News (and Pics and Video) Fit to Print…er…Post on the Interwebs |Pajiba|

R2-D2 Beer Keg is Perfect for Jawa Tailgating Parties |Technabob|

‘The Daily Show’ Explains Every Political Speech |HuffPost Comedy|

George Michael makes history. Outside a men’s room, for once |Fark|

15 Actors Who Make Awesome Young Versions Of Older Actors |Buzzfeed|

How You Think Your Creation Will Be Received Versus How It Really Is |College Humor|

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[Inset pictures via Pleated-Jeans.]

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