A Perfectly Normal Picture Of Robert Downey Jr. (And Afternoon Links)

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[Insert your favorite autofellatio jokes here. What, you don’t have a binder of them?]

An Important Discussion About ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham’s Scandal |Warming Glow|

Great Spring Break Moments Revisited: Grandma’s Airplane Beer Bong Adventure |With Leather|

A Possible First-Round Pick Is Not Housebroken |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

5 Stages Of Yeah Yeah Yeahs: How To Admit A Great Band Has Released Their Worst Album |UPROXX|

The Rock sings Stryper in new ‘Pain and Gain’ clip |Film Drunk|

Where The Hell Is… Da Band? |Smoking Section|

MMA Taunting Fails |Gorilla Mask|

Let’s save network television! |AV Club|

Tarantino’s 20 Best Food Scenes |Grantland|

Danny DeVito’s troll foot gets around |The Chive|

Every “W” Word from Django Unchained |Unreality|

Elmo Makes a Sculpture For Jon Hamm |Clip Nation|

Man Quits Job In Coolest Way Imaginable |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Retroactively Awesome Cameos and Supporting Roles |Pajiba|

5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable |Cracked|

Who’s the Hot Girl in K-Mart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial? |Brobible|

14 Crazy Things Caught on Russian Dashboard Cameras |College Humor|

VIDEO BELOW: “The internet was one of the greatest disasters to befall mankind. Now its survivors share the history of the tragedy.” |via TO|

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[Pictures via GQ and Buzzfeed.]

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