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VIDEO ABOVE: Russian driver reacts to the meteor. Not a single f–k was given that day. (Yes, this is a comedy skit from a Russian variety show, but I still laughed.) |via The Daily What|

Your Official FilmDrunk 2013 Oscars Drinking Game |Film Drunk|

Donald Trump Tweeting Lil Wayne Lyrics Is The Vortex Of Suck |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: ‘You Had One Job’ Adds To Jurassic Park’s Already Impressive Internet Legacy |UPROXX|

Nielsen Joins 21st Century, Finally Expands The Definition Of ‘Television’ |Warming Glow|

Johnny Manziel Has Finally Been Sealed In His Own Fortress Of Solitude |With Leather|

Let’s Run ‘NBA Superstars’ Back Because It’s Incredible |Smoking Section|

This Week In F–k You: Winter |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Is This the Greatest Ping Pong Shot Ever? |Brobible|

I Can’t Believe These Are All TV Shows |High Definite|

SXSW Comedy Line-Up Announced! |HuffPost Comedy|

The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie Charts |Vulture|

Girl Sings the “Unsingable” Song from The Fifth Element |Unreality|

6 Non-Existent People Who Were Nominated for Oscars |Mental Floss|

8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need |College Humor via Gorilla Mask|

Dream Casting: Ten Television Actors I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Swapped In or Out |Pajiba|

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