‘Man Of Steel’: The Superhero Movie Too Superhero-y For The Masses?

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Last week I took my first vacation in a couple years, from both work and the Internet. I didn’t take a vacation from superhero movies though, so I caught Man of Steel and well, I loved it. Or at the very least I loved a lot of things about it. So imagine my surprise when I returned to the Internet this Monday to find a kryptonite fog of negativity hanging around the movie.

A score in the low 50s on Rotten Tomatoes, and it wasn’t just critics not digging Man of Steel — regular moviegoers were grumbling too. Box office numbers were fine for a movie with this amount of hype, but well below those of smirking wankfest Iron Man 3. I walked out of the theater on Saturday thinking Man of Steel was going to be the next landmark superhero movie. The next Iron Man or Dark Knight. What happened?

Man of Steel is nearly everything I’ve always wanted superhero movies to be, but then again I actually read comics. Most people who watch superhero movies don’t, and I think Man of Steel may have crossed an invisible line — the superhero movie that’s just too much like superhero comics for mainstream viewers…

A quick scan of the negative (and many backhanded “positive”) reviews of Man of Steel uncovers some common complaints — there’s not enough humor. The movie takes itself too seriously. The critics aren’t wrong — Man of Steel is a serious movie. Not joyless or dour, just serious. In fact it may be the first major movie to really, truly take the concept of superheroes seriously.

gammasquadmanofsteel2Well, okay, I can’t take that haircut entirely seriously.

Nearly every superhero movie to date has been either an outright comedy or maintained a certain winky “don’t worry, we know this is silly” undertone throughout. Most major superhero movies, from Batman to Fantastic Four to the The Avengers have had to serve the superheroics with a hefty dollop of humor or romance. The Spider-Man movies are essentially just rom-coms with upside-down kissing. The Avengers was more about hunky dudes bantering than the plot or action.

I mean, sure, there’s been a couple serious Batman movies, but the Nolan Bat-flicks tone down the superhero stuff as much as possible. The Nolan Batman is basically just Dirty Harry with more money and a mask. By comparison Man of Steel asks the viewer to take a super strong flying alien in a cape completely at face value, which, it turns out, is something a lot of people don’t want to do.

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