Guess Who Turned 21 (Plus Warner Brothers’ Bad Spelling And Links)

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07.27.12 3 Comments

Interview With The Music Industry’s Go-To Guy For Tour Lighting |UPROXX|

FilmDrunk Interview: Frank & Casper, The Contentious Comics Of Klown |Film Drunk|

Peggy Olson Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere, Says Matt Weiner |Warming Glow|

Sports On TV: Full House’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments |With Leather|

10 Rapper Nicknames That Are Incredibly Awkward To Say Out Loud |Smoking Section|

An Oral History Of ESPN Monday Night Countdown |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Lupe Fiasco’s Tears Shed Light On Chicago’s Small-Scale Genocide |Smoking Section|

The Very Best Of Kate Upton On Deviantart |With Leather|

How the ‘Breaking Bad’ Ratings Drop Demonstrates that Nielsen Ratings Officially Mean Nothing |Warming Glow|

‘Zoolander 2′ Is Apparently Still Happening |Film Drunk|

The Twihards Are PISSED At Kristen Stewart For Cheating |UPROXX|

Math You’ll Actually Use |College Humor|

NyaRan, Japan’s Travel Agency Spokes-Cat |Buzzfeed|

15 Funniest Autocorrects Of The Month |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Actors Poised to Become Major Feature-Film Stars |Pajiba|

An 18th-Century Mutiny May Help Explain Migraines |Mental Floss|

U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Vows to Continue Competing in Bikinis |BroBible|

An actual headline: “Playing for Mandy Moore helped forge guitarist’s heavy metal foundations” |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Cat wears a jaunty cap and rides on a bicycle |via HYST|

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[Pictures via DP&F and Pleated-Jeans.]

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