Slingshot Shoots Circular Sawblades By The Seashore

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We’ve already covered Jörg Sprave’s other awesomely-safe slingshots, including his machete slingshot, his Gatling gun slingshot, and his 6-shot slingshot.  Now he’s built a slingshot to launch sawblades, because f–k watermelons.  If when there’s a zombie apocalypse, you want this guy on your team.

Circular sawblades are about as dangerous to be shot from a slingshot as it gets. Heavy. Sharp. Unpredictable in flight.

Seems like the perfect challenge for us here at The Slingshot Channel! [YouTube]

He discovered that rotational speed was what he needed to build into his slingshot design.  There’s something unsettling about a guy wielding a deadly weapon while saying with a German accent that he’s found the solution.  My spidey sense is tingling.

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