Soldiers With Kittens, Memorial Day Links

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A Gallery of Soldiers with Kittens [EgoTV]

30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection [WithLeather]

Rape Van Driver Discovered To Be Master Of Incredible 70s Photography [Filmdrunk]

13 years later, we still miss you, Phil Hartman [WarmingGlow]

The Best Of 2011 Commencement Speeches: Clinton, Hanks, Poehler, Denzel, The First Lady And More [Uproxx]

People Still Think The Onion Is Real News [Uproxx]

Gil Scott-Heron Dies At Age 62 [TSS]

Hawkward! [ToplessRobot]

Don Draper Directs Mad Men [UGO]

Best / Worst Dressed Superheroes [Geektress]

The 15 Best Pictures of Olivia Wilde [Unreality]

How Not To Be An A-hole: A Guide For Men [FaultLine]

20 Most Confusing Mascots in Sports History [BleacherReport]

“What is the most painful way you have seen your co-worker accomplish something very simple?” [Reddit]

Animals That Mark Zuckerberg Has Slaughtered So Far [Buzzfeed]

VIDEO BELOW: This dog is not ready to get out of bed.  We know how you feel, little guy. [via CuteOverload]

[Pictures via GOD! GIRLS! GUNS! PIE!]

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