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This guy seems legit.

This Week in Posters: SQUEEEEEE, ROBOT DOLPHINS! |Film Drunk|

‘Always Sunny’ Multipanes Are The Best |UPROXX|

Holy Crap This Guy’s Mugshot Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever And Well Into The Afterlife |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Baby Godfather Sleeps With The Fishes That Dangle Above His Crib |UPROXX|

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Erin Andrews Is Either Dead Or Exercising |With Leather|

Douchebags For Charity |Warming Glow|

Nic Cage Attacked By Fudgsicle-Wielding Naked Dude |Film Drunk|

‘Real Housewife’ Leaves Husband for Journey Guitarist |Warming Glow|

7′ Russian Boxer To Search For Twittering Bigfoot |With Leather|

Kanye West Rocks Women’s Clothes With New Fashion Line |TSS|

Adult Swim’s Interview with John Turturro |Adult Swim|

The 100 Greatest “Shut Ups” In Film, A Supercut |GorillaMask|

Netflix Stock Plummets After Price Hikes Take Effect |Moviefone|

12 Cases of The Unexplained, Disappearing TV Character |Pajiba|

The Sofia Vergara Quote To End All Sofia Vergara Quotes |Buzzfeed|

Harrison Ford says he “ain’t going to Mars” for Indiana Jones 5 |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: #SWAG. |via Buzzfeed|

[Pictures via Reddit and MyMedicatedLife .]

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