The ‘Star Trek Derp Trailer’ Is The Most Logical Use Of Gag Reel Footage

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star trek derp trailer

The good folks at Slacktory sometimes make “derp trailers”, re-cut trailers for movies made from the blooper footage. It’s a simple concept with brilliant results. Not resting on the laurels from their fantastic derp trailers for The Avengers and Die Hard, they’ve outdone themselves with this derp trailer for 2009’s Star Trek. Or should we call it Star Trek: Derp in Space 2009? Just spitballin’ here.

Using the original blooper reel and help from OneMinuteGalactica, they’ve created a movie which looks almost as silly as Star Trek Into Darkness. I’d still watch it. Throw a few derpy cats in there, and you’ve got a guaranteed classic. (Hollywood really underestimates the profitability of derpy cats.)

Via Slacktory (Thanks, Nick!)

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