The 'Star Wars' Blooper Reel Proves Stormtroopers Were Just As Clumsy In Real Life

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10.28.13 4 Comments

star wars blooper reel

Reddit has outdone themselves by finding a video of Star Wars bloopers. The video is below (while it lasts). The first 48 seconds are silent, so don’t blow out your headphones turning the sound up.

The best parts come after the first 80 seconds, including Harrison Ford eating a headset out of frustration and Mark Hamill making sure he gets the intonation of supernova correct. Voice actor in the making right there.

The scene at 1:25 to 1:52 is glorious. Stormtroopers trying to navigate through walls and on rubble are my new spirit animal.

star wars blooper reel clumsy stormtroopers

It’s like the debut of the Shockmaster, yet somehow even funnier.

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