Super Dogs And A Mischievous Tiger Present The Links

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01.06.12 2 Comments

“My girlfriend’s dog lost a paw when it was a puppy. Today, Chacha is complete again and super excited!”

I’ve Officially Made It: With Leather Makes Its WWE Debut |With Leather|

Why The Heck Isn’t Gary Busey The National Spokesperson For Kia? |UPROXX|

These Ron Swanson And Other Pop Culture Hoops Deserve All The Bacon And Eggs We Have |UPROXX|

7 Things About the ‘Justified’ Cast that You Probably Didn’t Know |Warming Glow|

Woman literally wipes ass with $30 million painting, celebrates by peeing herself |Film Drunk|

My Top 5 Morning Motivation Songs |TSS|

Here’s The Best CPR PSA You’ll Ever See |UPROXX|

The 15 Biggest Flops of 2011 |Film Drunk|

Goalie Tim Howard Scores From Own Half |TSS|

Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse |Warming Glow|

Question Of The Day: Is Penny Marshall The NBA’s Superfan Or A Bandwagon Faker? |With Leather|

James Bond Film Pictograms |The High Definite|

Cosplay Photoshopping GIF Makes Me Sad |Unreality|

Zooey Deschanel Is Quite A Catch, Financially |Buzzfeed|

McDonald’s Hamburger Left Out For a Year Remains Exactly the Same |The FW|

20 Suggested Names for Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Star Trek 2’ Villain |Moviefone|

David Beckham bewildered about why people think he is a secret homosexual |FARK|

Yeah, I’ve Made Up Your Mind: Five 2012 Films You Might Not Know You Should Be Looking Forward To |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: This is why you never growl at a tiger (probably NSFW audio) |via Arbroath|

[Banner picture via TheDailyWhat, I got the top half of inset picture from here then photoshopped the rest]

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