Team Fortress 2 Fan Film Is Explodey, Awesome

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Sam Gorski and Nick Pueringer of Corridor Digital (AKA our new best friends who don’t know us) have made another great fan film to go with Frozen Crossing and Prism to name just a couple of theirs. We meant to post this here before it got a million views in just the past couple of days, but forgive us for having to find just the right hat to wear when we relay the news that we’ve just seen the best live-action Team Fortress 2 fan film so far.

Corridor Digital’s video “Sentry Sabotage” explores very well known themes of treachery within Team Fortress 2 but it does so with unbelievable execution. [Kotaku]

That’s all well and good, Kotaku, but what about the hats? Are they whimsical? Shaped like food? Propeller’d? Let’s watch and find out:


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