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Meme Watch: Friend Zone Fiona Is Someone We All Know and Love |UPROXX|

This Week in Posters: Baby Goose Gets Top Billing |FilmDrunk|

WZUP: 5 Unforgettable Martin Characters |TSS|

Abercrombie & Fitch to Pay the Situation Not to Wear Their Clothes |WarmingGlow|

The Ron Swanson TV Dinner Is the New Ron Swanson Ice Cream |UPROXX|

The Big Lebowski Cast Reunion Was a Wonderful Thing |UPROXX|

Anne Hathaway Channels Lil Wayne and Spits Some Hot Fire |TSS|

A Fancy British Period Drama About the Inventor of Vibrators |FilmDrunk|

Miley Cyrus: Bowling Legend |WithLeather|

LeeAnna Vamp Is Lady Chewbacca |IGN|

TV Gourmet: 64 Slices of American Cheese and Four Other Simpsons Inspired Meals |WarmingGlow|

The Best of the First Annual Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Championships |WithLeather|

Alison Brie gifs and the Community and Childish Gambino Mashup The World Needs Now |UPROXX|

A Comprehensive Map Guide to Indiana Jones |Moviefone|

English Swear Words: The Definitive Guide |CollegeHumor|

Excuse me Helen Hunt, your, um, you know, um, oh geez |FARK|

The 20 Biggest Word of Mouth Bombs of the 21st Century |Pajiba|

Letterman Receives Death Threat from Online Jihadist |Buzzfeed|

Supercut: The 100 Most Awesome Punches In Movie History |GorillaMask|

VIDEO BELOW: “Well, that’s certainly one way to get someone to stop talking on their cell phone and listen to you play.” — TheDailyWhat

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