Surprise! Now we know who has Vader’s helmet in ‘The Force Awakens,’ leading to a new theory


If you”ve been paying even cursory attention to what little of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” plot is known, you know the Kylo Ren is the newest Sith* on the street. You also know he looks a lot like a certain evil Skywalker, leading to all kinds of speculation about his relationship to the Jedi Master.

*Okay he”s not really a Sith…that we know of…more of a Sith fanboy.

This latest photo goes a long way to confirming some of those theories.


One of the most iconic moments from “The Force Awakens” trailer is when Darth Vader”s helmet appears on screen, charred and blackened from his Viking funeral on Endor. Nothing hammered home this film is of a new generation than seeing tangible proof of the passage of time.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

What we didn”t know – but could infer – was in had possession of the helmet. Today Rolling Stone released an in-depth feature on the new film. Sitting at the top, bold as brass, is Kylo Ren staring lovingly(?) into the eye holes of Vader”s helmet.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Also appearing for the first time? Kylo Ren”s entire helmet. If the Vader worship wasn”t obvious before, it certainly is now. Whether the Knights of Ren as a whole are fascinated by the last Dark Lord of the Sith or this is Kylo”s personal obsession is unknown. But Kylo Ren doing everything in his power to mimic Vader – from the lightsaber to the helmet to the dark robes to joining the First Order – it raises an interesting question…

…are we SURE this is Luke Skywalker? We”ve never seen Kylo Ren sans gloves and he definitely strikes me as the kind of obsessive that would cut off his own hand to look more like his hero. There is fire just out of frame and the rocky surface implies a desert planet. Is Luke mourning the loss of his home? Or did Kylo Ren send flame troopers to burn a village to the ground to complete his Skywalker collection?

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Only 16 more days until we find out!

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits theaters (hard) on December 18.

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