184 days until Star Wars: Read all about the SHATTERED EMPIRE this fall


Marvel Entertainment

This September, fans of a galaxy far, far away will get a chance to dive into the chaos that immediately followed the destruction of the second Death Star in “Return of the Jedi.” Author Greg Rucka and artist Marco Checcetto will explore the collapse of the empire with Marvel”s STAR WARS: SHATTERED EMPIRE comic. And now Disney/Lucasfilm have revealed the first variant cover for SHATTERED EMPIRE #1, as drawn by Checcetto himself!

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Power fills a vacuum but rarely in a straight line. Perhaps SHATTERED EMPIRE will help fans connect the dots from the fall of the Empire to the rise of the First Order. Who ended up on top of the struggle, grasping the reigns of power and righting the sinking ship of totalitarianism? Answers to these questions are (hopefully) only months away!

[Via StarWars.com]

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