316 days until Star Wars: Lucasfilm quietly confirmed Stormtroopers aren’t clones


Come with me on a journey back in time. All the way back to December of 2014 when, in a wake of ignorance, John Boyega told racist “Star Wars” fans where they could go.

Well, those same fans are REALLY gonna hate what I found in the first official “Star Wars” novel to be published since Disney swept decades of Expanded Universe lore off the table.

While misinformed purists cried that Stormtroopers are clones and casting Boyega* ruined everything, Disney/Lucasfilm have been quietly stating otherwise. For example, “Star Wars Rebels” producer Dave Filoni confirmed to HitFix that the remaining clones are old and grey long before “Episode IV.” 

*Of course, Boyega could be pulling a Luke Skywalker but the fact remains, undercover or not there is no reason to think Stormtroopers are still Jango Fett clones.

The most definitive debunking of the clones theory though, is hidden in the page of “Star Wars: A New Dawn.” Set after the “Clone Wars” series but before “A New Hope,” the novel focuses on the tale of Kanan and Hera from “Star Wars Rebels” first meeting. It  casually drops a literary bomb that blows the argument right out of the water.  100 plus pages into the story, at the top of Chapter 22, stormtroopers burst into the local watering hole in search of a wanted criminal.

That”s right. LADY STORMTROOPERS are canon, because don”t think for one moment that Disney didn”t comb over every word in John Jackson Miller”s manuscript; they didn't go through the trouble of streamlining the lore just to see it unravel again. You can take this to the bank-(ing clan). By the time Luke, Leia, and Han were shooting their way out of the Death Star, any one of those Stormtroopers could”ve been a person of color…or even a woman.




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