5 tantalizing ‘The Force Awakens’ spoilers on display at Star Wars Celebration


Right now in Anaheim, California fans of Star Wars are walking amongst display cases that feature costumes and props from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Luckily for the rest of us, they”ve been taking photos.


Seriously. While Disney/Lucasfilm approved all these items for display, they each have a tantalizing detail that some could considered ruinous for their movie enjoyment this December.

Okay, here we go. All images courtesy of io9 (be sure to go check their comprehensive image list!).

*Extra warning: Please respect that many fans have not read fan sites. Any comments talking about what is “going to happen” based on leaks will be deleted.

#1: Meet the new generation of X-Wings.

The plaque next to it states the T-70 X-Wing is “the modern incarnation of a classic design,” and it is “the signature combat craft of the Resistance forces in their fight against the First Order.” What does this tell us? Based on Oscar Isaac”s statement yesterday that Poe Dameron is on a mission “from a certain Princess,” that seems to rebrand the Rebel Alliance as the Resistance and the Empire as the First Order. Whatever happened in the wake of the Emperor”s death, things did not shake out for our heroes like they expected.

#2: Someone replaced the Millennium Falcon”s satellite dish.

As I noted way back in the first teaser trailer, the Millennium Falcon is whole again. Only this time the dish is rectangular, making it less prone to removal in a tight squeeze. But if Han and Chewie did indeed fight their way onto the Falcon as the trailer implies, was it Lando who fixed up the old hunk of junk?

#3: Rey”s staff definitely looks like an electrostaff.

Originally used by Separatist droids during “The Clone Wars,” the staff was utilized during battles with Jedi Knights, as they were able to deflect lightsaber blades. But what would Rey need with that?

#4: The First Order may have created a new language.

This Snowtrooper (where are we going that has snow?) has some sort of writing on his chest but it certainly doesn”t match Aurebesh, the official common language alphabet of the Star Wars galaxy.

#5: Finn”s concept art has a very conspicuous piece of weaponry.

Yep, that”s a lightsaber. But does it belong to him or is in on the run from the original owner? Based on concept art alone, it appears to be the same lightsaber being handed off to Leia(?) in the new trailer. Is that a hint of silver? If so, that looks like a certain Sith Lord's lightsaber which was then passed down to his farm boy son…just sayin'.

[Photos courtesy of io9]

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