5 Times “The Terminator” Prank Made Me Laugh Out Loud

06.18.15 2 years ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an eccentric guy, that we”ve always known. What we might not have known is that he has a killer sense of humor, like when he pranked fans by posing as a Terminator wax statue at Madame Tussaud”s Wax Attraction in Hollywood, then coming to life and scaring them out of their minds. He followed this up by taking to the streets and interacting with delighted — albeit bewildered — tourists.

What drove the actor/politician/body-builder to do such a thing? His motives were twofold:

  1. To draw attention to “After-School All-Stars”, his charity project that focuses on after school programs to keep kids safe and help them succeed in school and life.
  2. To promote “Terminator Genisys”, coming to theaters July 1!

Before I watched this video, I assumed it would be obnoxious. However, I was wrong, as this prank made me laugh out loud multiple times and made me learn something new about myself: I like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5 Times Arnold Schwarzenegger”s Prank Made Me Laugh Out Loud:

• Arnold walks into a Sunglass Hut (as the Terminator), tries on a pair of sunglasses and asks, “Would these protect from shot gun blasts?” When he decides on a pair, he takes a selfie and says, “I think they”re sizzling.” All in his famous Arnold/Terminator voice.

• Arnold approaches a fake Terminator and the two have a showdown.

• Arnold walks through the crowd holding his phone at the end of a Selfie Stick. He says, “Please don”t bump my Selfie Stick”.

• Arnold approaches a man in a truck and demands, “Get out.” Annoyed and confused, the truck driver actually starts to exit the vehicle. Then Arnold says, “Just joking.”

• Arnold, encouraging viewers to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to “Terminator Genisys” premiere, says, deadpan, “We will hit the premiere of Terminator Genysis, we will say one liners like ‘Hasta la vista, baby” and ‘I”ll be back””.

Is this video hilarious or am I really easily amused? Find out for yourself, and enter the contest for a chance to say one-liners with the Terminator himself. 

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