5 very familiar plot elements in CBS’ ‘Made in Jersey’ teaser

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Look, I get it. When attempting to promote a new TV series in only 3 minutes, it’s necessary to break down the plot to its basest and most relatable elements. That said, I couldn’t help but notice that the new behind-the-scenes promo for CBS’ “Made in Jersey” is even more awash in narrative cliches than that of your average network slot-filler. Here are five that caught my attention, as voiced by several members of the cast and crew. (Full promo at the bottom of the page.)

1) “This show is about an outsider trying to fit in.” – Kevin Falls, executive-producer

In other words, “Made in Jersey” has one of those good ol’-fashioned “fish out of water” scenarios that can be summed up in one or two easy breezy sentences. In a nutshell: beautiful, street-smart Jersey girl (trendy!) + uppercrust stuffed-shirt Manhattan law firm = complications. Genius!

2) “There is a kind of underdog story here that we love. We always gotta root for that.” – Felix Solis, co-star

Sort of like David and Goliath, if David were a fashionable, outspoken New York lawyer with big dreams and incredible shoes.

3) “For me there’s always interest when you have one world, and another world, and you bring them together.” – Felix Solis, co-star

Isn’t it great when TV shows and movies do that?

4) “Martina is a woman that is a work in progress, and doesn’t apologize for who she is.” – Toni Trucks, co-star

While she’s brash and opinionated, Martina is also not perfect and will realize things about herself, and maybe even change.

5) “Her mission and conflict is how she carves out a life for herself in between her past and her future.” – Dana Calvo, creator/co-executive producer

Which doesn’t sound unique, but trust her, it is.

“Made in Jersey” is slated to air at 9pm Fridays on CBS. You can check out the network’s entire fall schedule here.

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