7 burning questions we have ahead of Comic-Con 2015

07.05.15 2 years ago

Are you ready for the mecca of geekdom known as San Diego Comic-Con? Because it is barreling towards us, ready to shower geeks of every flavor in exclusive coverage and limited edition swag.

Whether you”re making the pilgrimage or just keeping up with the latest breaking news via the Internet-Machine, here are some of the biggest burning questions looming on the horizon.

#1: Will Warner Bros. panel tease Justice League?

As always, Hall H will be THE place to be for the biggest announcements. We already know the Trinity will be in attendance – Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) – but what surprises might be in store? Perhaps Jason Momoa will put in an appearance as Aquaman. Would Would David Ayer take time out from his “Suicide Squad” shooting schedule to show off footage to die-hard fans? Will we get the logo or the full line-up for “Justice League”? If so, come on Martian Manhunter!

#2: What does Lucasfilm have planned?

After the nearly-religious experience that was Star Wars Celebration this year, what could Lucasfilm have up their sleeve for SDCC? The panel is only an hour and the description is deliberately vague. Will the special guests include the entire cast? Could fans get a better look at “Rogue One” or perhaps even witness the unveiling of what characters the cast of said film will play? With “Star Wars Rebels” not having their own panel, will Kathleen Kennedy carve out time to speak about where the Disney XD show is headed this season?

#3: Will “Fear the Walking Dead” finally stop playing coy?

“The Walking Dead” and its offspring are getting separate panels in Hall H this year. With a whole hour carved out for “Fear the Walking Dead,” chances are good this will be the most in-depth look yet as to where the spin-off fits into the mythology of the world. How far before the outbreak will the show begin? Will the budget and time-constraints allow “FtWD” to really show the widespread horror of a mass zombie infestation? Or will it feel closer and more claustrophobic? Basically, are we finally getting “World War Z” we deserved, only from a different universe?

#4: Will “Game of Thrones” feed the Jon Snow truthers?

Jon Snow lives! Despite not being on the panel, there are plenty of people determined to believe we haven”t seen the last of Kit Harington. Will special guests such as Peter Dinklage, Lena Heady, or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau appear? How can the Lannisters not send a representative? At least the appearance of Natalie Dormer can assuage fan fears that Margaery would be locked away next season.

#5: Can we finally get a “Warcraft” trailer?

Principal photography wrapped on the MMO-to-movie over a year ago, but with an extensive post-production schedule “Warcraft” has kept getting pushed back. But the time is nigh to finally give fans a trailer worthy of any Blizzard opening cinematic. With only an hour to split between four upcoming films, will Legendary make us wait until the last minute to find out or open with their high-fantasy cash cow?

#6: Just what does 20th Century Fox have up their sleeve?

In what must be the vaguest wording ever, the description for this one and half hour panel merely reads “20th Century Fox Presentation.” UNACCEPTABLE! Just what properties is Fox bringing to the Hall H table? There are plenty of tantalizing options to pick from: “Deadpool” seems a given considering he showed up in Entertainment Weekly”s pre-SDCC issue. Other likely suspects include “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Gambit,” “Assassin”s Creed,” “Wolverine 3,” “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” and of course “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Can they squeeze all those properties into 90 minutes? If they talk really fast!

#7: Which celebrities will participate in Undercover Cosplay?

Every year a handful of celebrities risk life and limb to don a face-covering costume and step out on the show floor. We know Adam Savage will be among them (it”s become a tradition at this point) but who else will shock their fans with a late-breaking social media reveal?

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. San Diego Comic-Con hosts HUNDREDS of panels and meet-ups and celebrity experiences each year. If I didn”t get to your biggest burning question of SDCC 2015, leave it in the comments!

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