8 Sneaky Celebrities Who Braved Comic-Con 2014 In Disguise

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con, celebrities really get the short end of the stick. Here they are, at what is for all intents and purposes geek mecca, and it is tantalizingly out of reach.

While your average nerd flits from panels to oculus experiences to zip lines to buying enough swag that they have to make a pit stop at the convention hall's FedEx center, the stars of said shows and films that fuel this consumer frenzy are trapped in a purgatory of hotel rooms converted into interview conveyor belts. They dare not step a foot outside lest the always present crowd who discovered the “Talent Entrance” lovingly dismembers them in flurry of shrieks and flash bulbs.

But to that these 8 celebrities said, “NO MORE!” Casting off the shackles of fame, the donned a disguise and wandered out into the crowds like a modern day Princess Jasmine. Whether going for a mediocre mask-only approach or an all-out cosplay overload, nothing would stand between them and actually enjoying the plethora of geek delicacies on offer.