Hate yourself for watching this spoilery new international ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ trailer

12.10.15 2 years ago

With only a few more days until the world premiere and a week until the opening strains of John Williams blare out from theater speakers across America, you'd think “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” would ease back on the marketing throttle.

You'd think wrong.

A flood of new footage was revealed in the new international trailer (above). If you're trying to have a pure experience for “The Force Awakens,” Lucasfilm is doing their level best to tempt you to spoilers. This trailer is the equivalent of a sketchy dude standing on a street corner in a trench coat asking if you want to buy a watch…only the watch is dialogue and a brand new location.

Because I'm pretty sure those are the rings of Alderaan at the 1:10 mark.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” arrives on December 18.

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