A Gif conversation with Jennifer Lawrence about the possibility of us being best friends

07.25.13 4 years ago

Hey, Jennifer Lawrence!

Hi! I mean, like… hi? Hello. I think you’re so cool.

Like really, honestly, you are the coolest.

See what I mean! You see?!

So I’ve been thinking it for a long time, and I want to finally just tell you: I think that you and I would be really awesome best friends.

Like, we could do that fun stuff that best friends do? Like… you know… brunch, and then maybe lunch?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Food is one of my favorite parts of the day too. What else do best friends do? Don’t they like, go shopping together? And buy stuff?

Okay, great! No shopping, just eating. I’m on board.

So, like, is there anything you aren’t good at?

Not a flaw! Just an adorable thing about you, best friend Jennifer Lawrence. 

You know what? I fuckin’ love you too.

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