Aardman Animations’ ‘Shaun the Sheep’ movie gets a teaser trailer and poster

04.03.14 3 years ago

Aardman Animations

You could be forgiven for not knowing about “Shaun the Sheep.” After all, the movie isn”t due out until March 2015 in the United Kingdom, and it doesn”t have a distributor here in the United States.

Let us provide you a little background then.

The television series “Shaun the Sheep” serves as the basis for the upcoming movie. That series was itself a spinoff of “Wallace & Gromit, with the title character, Shaun (he”s a sheep) first appearing in “A Close Shave.” As with “Wallace & Gromit,” and Aardman Animations” “Chicken Run,” Shaun and his friends are brought to life via stop-motion animation and routinely get into trouble that seems relatively outsized for their place in life.

Below you will find both a new poster for the film and a teaser trailer. The trailer doesn”t so much offer any hint to the plot of the film, but does give you a pretty good feel for the general sort of zany antics in which Shaun is routinely involved. There is, however, a brief official synopsis of the film which reads as follows: “When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he baa-rgained for! Shaun”s mischief accidentally causes the Farmer to be taken away from the farm, so it”s up to Shaun and the flock to travel to the Big City to rescue him.”

“Shaun the Sheep” is directed by Mark Burton Richard Starzack, and based on their screenplay.

Shaun the Sheep

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