ABC orders ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ from Shonda Rhimes

12.19.13 4 years ago

ABC orders “How to Get Away With Murder” from Shonda Rhimes

The proposed series will revolve around a law school class and their professor who get caught up in a murder plot.

David Mamet is developing a “7 Deadly Sins” limited series for Fox
Each of seven episodes will explore one of the deadly sins (wrath,  greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony).

Ellen DeGeneres dances in the streets in her 1st Oscar promo
Watch Ellen in tuxedo with “SYTYCD” backup dancers in a video directed by Paul Feig.

“Duck Dynasty” already filmed most of the season’s remaining episodes with Phil Robertson
The A&E hit returns Jan. 15, and the “Duck Commander” is a major part of the storyline, so it’s unclear how suspension will affect the show. PLUS: Why A&E can’t back off the suspension, what about Robertson’s controversial comments on race?, Robertson publicly bashed gays for years, PETA wants “Duck Dynasty” canceled, Sarah Palin wants “Duck” moved to Sportsman Channel, GLAAD is reeling from its biggest backlash in years, Aziz Ansari has an alternate theory, Under Armour is sticking with the “Duck” stars, A&E’s suspension was a “confused knee-jerk reaction,” Robertson was suspended for staying in character, and the family says: “We cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.”

Why a show about the birth of Twitter is doomed to fail
TV is already littered with failed shows about web culture.

Nickelodeon teams with Garry Marshall on “Crime Procedural,” a comedy starring kids
The sitcom will be like “Bugsy Malone” in that children will play grown-up roles in a crime-ridden city.

How Donna Martin lost her virginity on “Beverly Hills 90210”
Read the oral history of that very special episode.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” comes to life in a NYC flash mob
What happens when you bring the iconic dance scene from the “Peanuts” classic to life?

“Community’s” Season 5 premiere will be like the pilot — but it won’t pretend Season 4 was a dream
Dan Harmon says he and writers nixed the dream idea. “We decided that it made the most sense for us to pretend that we were writing a new pilot for a new show about a lawyer who had once gone to a community college,” he says, “but was a very poor community college, with a bunch of people that he loved a lot.”

“HIMYM” co-creator defends March 31 series finale date
Says Craig Thomas: “It’s a change – but fewer repeats, promotion during March Madness, and we get to do our finale not up against any other finales… upsides!” PLUS: “How HIMYM saved me and my dad.”

“SNL”: What’s right, what’s wrong with this transition season
What’s wrong: Lorne Michaels can’t stop letting celebrity friends and “SNL” alumni make cameos, says Hank Stuever. What’s right: “The women in the cast, especially, are harnessing a long-overdue interest in post-feminist comedy; they are beneficiaries of the work (Tina) Fey, (Kristen) Wiig, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph (among others) did in the 2000s.” PLUS: Will Ferrell reveals his least-favorite host: Joan Allen.

Did Cartoon Network cancel a show because it was too appealing to girls?

The creator of “Tower Prep” says Cartoon Network had trouble monetizing female characters, so it wanted to go after boys, who are more likely to buy toys.

Surprising facts about 2013 TV ratings: “The Good Wife” ranks No. 106 in all-important 18-49 demo
Of “The Good Wife’s” 11.7 million viewers, just 259,000 are men under 35.

Whatever happened to Kel from “Kenan & Kel”?
Kel Mitchell would prefer not to talk about Kenan Thompson, who beat him out for the “SNL” job.

Shonda Rhimes’ color-blind casting: Is this how to solve Hollywood’s diversity woes?
Rhimes’ casting director says: “When I cast the pilot of ‘Grey’s,’ Shonda didn’t give anybody a last name. She just said, ‘Linda, I want you to cast it the way you see the world.'” That eventually led to Chandra Wilson beating out Kristin Chenoweth for a role on the ABC series.

Women on TV had a good year
Female-driven shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “Orphan Black” were all the rage in 2013.

Here are the 12 objects that defined TV this year
From “Breaking Bad’s” Stevia packet to “Girls” Q-tip.

It’s Jimmy Kimmel as a baby

Celebrating his first Christmas.

Rhea Perlman is coming to “The Neighbors”

She’ll guest as Debbie’s mom.

BBC has commissioned a radio documentary on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
BBC will post the retrospective, featuring fresh interviews with Joss Whedon and his writers, on its website on Dec. 26.

Harry Connick Jr. on judging “American Idol”: “It’s not rocket science, right?”

“It’s a very simple concept. They hired us to judge, and all these young performers sign up to be judged. That’s it. They sing, we judge, it’s pretty easy.” PLUS: “Idol” is getting a new, very experienced live TV director.

Chalky White’s “Boardwalk Empire”-themed children’s books: The perfect Christmas present
Michael K. Williams introduces the most inappropriate children’s present.

Watch the promo for Tim Gunn’s “Under the Gunn”
The Lifetime reality show debuts Jan. 16.

“Breaking Bad’s” Walter White is Santa Claus

Check out Santa Heisenberg.

“Cougar Town” pays homage to “A Christmas Story”
TBS is using the 24-hour “A Christmas Story” marathon to promote Season 5 of the Courteney Cox comedy.

Ryan Seacrest: “I am a Food Network junkie”
Seacrest talks about what he likes to watch, besides his own shows.

11 criminally underutilized TV actors
From Julie Benz to Lamorne Morris.

Video store warns of “‘Firefly’ addiction”
“‘Firefly’ addiction is a serious thing…”

Check out the “Game of Thrones” 4D Puzzle Map
You can now build Westeros from the ground up.

Marie Osmond becomes a grandma
Osmond, 54, is a grandmother for the first time after her son welcomed a baby boy.

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