ABC’s ’20/20′ and CBS’ ’48 Hours’ will be devoted to Nelson Mandela

12.06.13 4 years ago

ABC’s “20/20” and CBS’ “48 Hours” will be devoted to Nelson Mandela
Also paying tribute is History channel, which is re-airing “Miracle Rising: South Africa.”

“Bunheads” alum Sutton Foster joins a TV Land pilot from Darren Star
On “Young,” based on the novel, Foster will play a 40-something housewife who is able to pass herself off as a 20-something.

“Sound of Music Live” director defends Carrie Underwood: She was in a “lose-lose situation”
Former “SNL” director Beth McCarthy-Miller is glad there were very few problems, though she has read a few reviews. “I think it was a lose-lose situation for her because I think everyone had such memories of Julie Andrews,” she says. “I think it”s so hard to try to recreate such an iconic role, but I was blown away by her, and I’ve never seen anyone work harder in my life.” PLUS: Twitter made the whole event worthwhile, celebs became critics on Twitter, Cameron Diaz had a field day live-tweeting, more celebrity reaction, its unprofessionalism is what made it so great to watch, “Liesl” and “Gretl” slam the remake, and its success will lead to more big TV events.

Syfy’s re-imagined “Battlestar Galactica” turns 10

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the miniseries that launched Ronald D. Moore’s “Battlestar,” which took on the War on Terror in “intellectually challenging or uncomfortable ways” during a time when sci-fi on television wasn’t taken that serious, as Maureen Ryan notes. She adds: “I wouldn’t make the argument that every episode is perfect — nor would anyone associated with the show — but I would argue that very few shows from the post-aughts Golden Age aimed higher and hit their chosen targets more consistently and more thrillingly.”

“Mob Wives” star’s husband sentenced to 7 years in prison
Alicia DiMichele, who just made her debut on the VH1 reality show, is married to Edward (Tall Guy) Garofalo, Jr., a mob enforcer who is being sent away in an extortion case.

Ex-“America’s Next Top Model” director shot and killed in his home

James Marcus Howe was shot dead last week in a home invasion robbery.

Read the casting sheet for “NCIS: New Orleans”

There will be an Agent Pride on the 2nd “NCIS” spinoff.

Katy Perry to guest on “Kroll Show”
Also appearing with Nick Kroll on Season 2 are Craig Robinson, Jordan Peele, Jon Heder and Will Forte.

Don’t believe reports that teens are rejecting TV
Today’s average teenager watches about 3 hours of television per day.

Amber Tamblyn watches “Real Housewives” with hubby David Cross
“If I have any kind of guilty pleasure, it’s ‘The Real Housewives,'” says the “Two and a Half Men” star. “It’s funny because my husband hates those programs-hates them-yet he’ll come in and tell me, ‘Why don”t you just turn this crap off,’ and then stand there and watch it for like 20 minutes, and before you know it, he”s like, ‘Oh, that”s not what she said! Kim is so crazy!'”

“Smash” musical to be performed this weekend

You have three chances to watch “Hit List.”

“Arrow’s” Greg Berlanti has perfected the formula for adapting comic books to TV
The longtime TV honcho behind “Everwood” and “Brothers & Sisters”  is “someone who honors, appreciates and really understands the form and the concept of these iconic characters,” says Peter Roth, the head Warner Bros. TV.

Why does “The Twilight Zone” endure?
Artists from Rob Zombie to Kirk Hammett talk about the classic series as it’s released in a new box set.

Posters for “Seinfeld” movie “Rochelle Rochelle” go up in NYC

Check out the credit section of the movie poster, containing many  “Seinfeld” shout-outs. PLUS: See Michael Richards’ son.

“Survivor” winner Tina Wesson’s son dies

Taylor Lee Collins, 25, whose sister, Katie, is also competing on this season of “Survivor” died in a car accident earlier this week.

Meet the person responsible for the sound on “Treme” and “The Wire”
On “Treme,” sound editor Jennifer Ralston tries to capture the sound of New Orleans. On “The Wire,” she had to work without a score.

Watch Chloe Sevigny in “Those Who Kill”
She plays a police detective on the A&E series debuting in March.

Lena Dunham interviews Judy Blume for a book

Turns out the author of books for children and young adults is a “Girls” fan.

See the new “Bates Motel” trailers

Watch Norman and his latest trophy.

New trend: TV stars pitching products tied to their shows

TV stars in the 50s did it, now TV stars of today are starting to hawk products connected to their shows.

BBC presents “Gangsta Granny”

Check out the trailer for the British TV special.

“Gilmore Girls” alums: Where are they now?

Whatever happened to Scott Patterson?

Introducing “Christmas Cats TV”

It’s the most addictive livestream of the holidays. PLUS: Now out: “Downton Tabby” book.

Spencer Pratt has finished his USC degree 10 years after starting college
“I was busy being famous!” says the poli sci major.

McKayla Maroney was “obsessed” with “Bones”

The Olympic gymnast talks about winging her part on tonight’s episode.

Phil Keoghan previews “The Amazing Race” finale

“I do think we have four very strong and determined teams left,” he says. “This will be a very exciting final leg!” PLUS: What it’s like to compete on “Amazing Race.”

“Bonnie and Clyde”: It’s misogynistic and awful
The History/A&E/Lifetime miniseries is “an uninspired melding of Lifetime movie and biopic, with none of the virtues of a Lifetime movie (not campy enough) and none of the virtues of a biopic (it is egregiously fictionalized),” says Willa Paskin. PLUS: It’s full of unrelenting mediocrity, and it could’ve been a lot worse.

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