Adam Levine Debuts Platinum Locks, Terrible Photoshop Skills

05.05.14 2 Comments

Over the weekend Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine changed up his look in a drastic way. Posing in front of a mirror with fiancé Behati Prinsloo, Levine made hate-face eye sex at the camera while showing off platinum blonde locks. The one line to accompany the change insinuates they know something we don't about the coming end times. Either that or it has something to do with a new album? Or he's just going for a budget Spike from 'Buffy' look.

But wait. Something here is not like the others. Something here just doesn't belong. Can you find it?


If you said 'Wow that is one photoshopped forehead,' then you win! Now there's nothing inherently wrong with photoshop. Sometimes a picture is really cute but you've got red eye or a weird shadow making you look like you have a fifth chin or you gained 20 lbs. over the holidays and would rather all photographic evidence proving that be stricken from human memory.But there is a right way and a wrong way to alter yourself. And the wrong way is to just slather on the Spot Healing tool like it's foundation shellac.

Whatever forehead wrinkles Levine hated enough to cover up before posting his make-over but not enough to wait until Monday to have a professional airbrush out are having the last laugh. Unless the apocalypse he spoke of is an alien invasion that burrows into the host's brain and turns their hair white and increases cranial shine output? OH GOD HE'S TRYING TO WARN US!

But seriously, first the queen that is Beyonce was caught in a Photoshop controversy over her Instagram pics and now this. It probably says something terrible about our society when even the most beautiful people on the planet don't think they're good enough to post candid photos of their lives but come on guys. If you have to shop, take a class. Because dude no.

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