Adam Levine Tried to Teach Gwen Stefani How to Say ‘Colbert’

09.03.14 2 years ago

Not that this matters, but every anecdote I've heard about Gwen Stefani indicates that she is a very, very cool and nice person. “What You Waiting For” is a very underrated single. She's a deserving star. Really, really like her.

This is all a diplomatic prelude to the fact that Gwen Stefani's mispronunciation of “Colbert” at the Emmys was unbelievably funny. “Col-BORT”? What? How. 

And even funnier now, Stefani's co-presenter Adam Levine announced on “The Tonight Show” that he even tried to prepare Stefani for having to say Stephen Colbert's last name. Results were priceless. 

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