Watch: Alicia Keys and Maxwell steam up ‘Fire We Make’ video

04.24.13 4 years ago

Alicia Keys travels back in time to what looks like the ’50s for her steamy video, “Fire We Make” featuring Maxwell.

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The action takes place in New Orleans, and as if the Crescent City weren’t hot enough, Keys and Maxwell turn up the degrees in the bed and breakfast Keys and her mother run. It”s so hot that Keys has to run ice cubes all over her body…repeatedly.

What”s crazy is that all the action between these two beautiful people takes place in their own minds, so we don”t see them together.

The action shifts from the hotel to a night club where plenty of other couples are grinding up against each other but Keys and Maxwell remain on opposite ends of the room.

Finally, we see them together, but we don”t get quite the pay off we”re expecting after such hot teasing.

Still, they have their own little “Streetcar Named Desire” kind of smoldering heat going on that suits the song”s sexiness well.

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