All our ‘Mad Men’ pre-season coverage

Senior Television Writer


Happy “Mad Men” day! The Emmy-winning drama returns for its final season (or half-season, if you're playing along with AMC's silliness) tonight at 10. As preparation for these last seven episodes, here are all the “Mad Men” stories we've run over the last few weeks:

* Matthew Weiner looking back at the beginning, and end, of his baby;

* Memories from Jon Hamm, plus a Jerry Lewis impression;

* John Slattery with a few tonsorial spoilers for the final season;

* Vincent Kartheiser on the highs and lows of Pete;

* Predictions on how the show might end from both TV critics and a few showrunners;

* My thoughts about how “Mad Men” chronicled one revolution while being part of another;

* An insane ranking of every single Peggy Olson outfit ever by Katie Hasty and Louis Virtel (who have no appreciation for either the “vixen by night” outfit or the purple dress she wears when she quits).


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