The real haunted mansion: ‘Amityville Horror’ house for sale

06.06.16 2 years ago

If you want a piece of horror movie history and have an extra $850,000 burning a hole in your pocket, have we got an offer for you.

The house that inspired the 1979 film The Amityville Horror (based on the 1977 book), as well as a slew of sequels, is on the market. It”s five bedrooms, three floors and only 40 miles from Manhattan. The only downside – it may just be haunted.

The legend of the house began in 1974 when Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered six members of his family there. DeFeo was convicted in 1975. Later that year, the Lutz family moved into that same house only to move out after a month, claiming the house was haunted. Some examples of the haunting included green ooze coming from the walls and unexplained voices among many others.

As for the movie, The Amityville Horror was an overwhelming success, grossing an adjusted $280 million. The film starred James Brolin, Margot Kidder and Rod Steiger.

One last fact that might indicate the house is actually haunted, it last sold in 2010 for $950,000. So the owners are going to lose about $100,000 on the sale. Boo indeed.

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