Appreciating ‘Dexter,’ the drama that changed Showtime forever

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Appreciating “Dexter,” the drama that changed Showtime forever
“Dexter” helped Showtime get out of HBO’s shadow, and it was the first Showtime-owned series to do big business in international markets and home video sales. “It absolutely played a critical role in defining the Showtime brand,” says Showtime CEO Matthew Blank. “The brand that is so strong today was not strong at all nine years ago.” Thanks to “Dexter,” Showtime created shows revolving around outsized characters, from “Nurse Jackie” to “Homeland.” PLUS: Why viewers fell for “Dexter,” introducing “Dextering,” check out a guide to “Dexter” filming locations, and go inside the kill room.

Why did “Dexter’s” final season go so wrong?
It’s not a stretch to say how terrible this final season has been disappointing, from the Dr. Evelyn Vogel character to Masuka finding his biological daughter.

Showtime boss: We must keep “Dexter” alive via a spinoff
“We’re nowhere yet, but I do feel like ‘Dexter’ is such a core franchise to Showtime,” says entertainment president David Nevins. “Arguably, ‘Dexter’ is to Showtime what Spider-Man is to Sony or Batman is to Warner Bros., so I think it’s going to be important for us to keep it alive.”

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter tell of their favorite “Dexter” moments
Says Hall: “There have been so many, but I always come back to Dexter discovering his origin story and doing that face plant into the room full of blood in the 10th episode of the first season.”

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