Artist Reimagines “The NeverEnding Story” Before Hollywood Can Ruin It

12.18.13 4 years ago

In his spare time, artist Nicolas Francoeur has been reimagining the classic ’80s tale and the results are actually spot on. When whoever is in charge of throwing the dart at the “reboot” wheel in the murky depths of the Hollywood engine finally lands on ‘The NeverEnding Story,’ hopefully they use his concept art.

Of course he gave they boy and his horse an updated look.

As well as The Child-Like Empress.

This version of the iconic Good Luck Dragon is less likely to be mistaken for a dog by me small children.


Francoeur – not content to only make over the main characters – gave a new take on three messengers.

The servant of the Nothing looks decidedly more like a beast of darkness.

But his look for The Ancient One might set off your Trypophobia.

Still no art for Bastion though, but how much liberty can you really take with modern kid’s fashion?

Interested in more of Nicolas Francoeur’s art? Check out his entire portfolio!

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