Benedict Cumberbatch Posed with a Giant Penguin and Saved Us All

11.17.14 3 years ago

Apparently the internet broke last week, but it will spiral into further disrepair once this studly little photo blows everyone up. It's Benedict Cumberbatch at the New York premiere of “Penguins of Madagascar,” a sort-of spinoff feature in the “Madagascar” series, with a delighted penguin. Let your pupils morph into pink hearts as you cope with this.


Well. This is a treat. Benedict's expression seems to say, “Why, hello! I'm fine. Just fine. Yes, I can feel this man perspiring through his phony Antarctic fur, but I'm good!” And the penguin's delirious expression seems to say, “Your work on 'Sherlock really thaws my habitat, if you know what I'm sayin'! Love ya, Bene!” 

Please give yourself a special minute to glance through more photos from the premiere.

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