Box Office: ‘Cars 2’ and ‘Bad Teacher’ power huge weekend

06.26.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

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Not only did “Cars 2” surpass pre-release polling which suggested it could open below its predecessor’s $60 million 2005 bow, but it ended up cracking the top 5 of all-time Pixar openings. The $68 million debut was more than enough for Disney execs to breathe easy about its domestic prospects.  Especially since it reportedly cost close to $200 million.  Luckily, an expected $10 billion in merchandising sales for the franchise overall should more than make up for any loss in theaters.

Also having a fine debut in the second slot was Cameron Diaz’s “Bad Teacher.”  The R-rated comedy pulled in $31 million for the three-day, which was about $6 million higher than industry expectations.  After the back to back success of both “Teacher ” and “Bridesmaids,” lets hope studios decide to let the ladies have their share of non-romantic comedies.

Dropping 65% in its second weekend was the disappointing “Green Lantern.”  With just another $18.3 million this past weekend and $89.3 million in 10 days, the Emerald Crusader is having a big screen debut on par with Ang Lee’s “Hulk” or Ben Affleck’s “Daredevil.”  “Green Lantern” will certainly hit the $125 million mark domestically, but this was not the franchise starter DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. were hoping for.

“Super 8” continued to benefit from a lack of adult skewing films in the marketplace grossing another $12.1 million for a new cume of $95.1 million.  It will be close, but J.J. Abrams nostalgic adventure could equal its approximately $140 million production budget in ticket sales. 

Dropping to fifth was the family friendly “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”  The Jim Carrey kiddie flick had a lower than expected start last weekend, but grossed another $10.3 million over the weekend for an estimated gross of $38 million in just 10 days. 

This week finds the debut of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” “Larry Crowne” and “Monte Carlo” all in time for the fourth of July holiday weekend.

Final box office results are released on Monday.

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