Brad Pitt to close out 2014 London Film Festival with David Ayer’s ‘Fury’

08.14.14 3 years ago

Sony Pictures

I had a hunch when Sony slid “Fury” to a mid-October release date that they might opt for something like the closing night slot of the London Film Festival two days after the domestic release. And so it is. The Brad Pitt WWII film directed by David Ayer, which was filmed outside of London, has been slated to wrap up the fest on Oct. 19.

“'Fury' is a resounding cinematic achievement,” festival director Clare Stewart said. “Rarely is a film so successful at balancing the human drama of war with such thrilling action sequences. We look forward to welcoming LFF alumni David Ayer and Brad Pitt to London as we draw the 58th BFI London Film Festival to a monumental close.”

It's a great strategy that allows Sony to let the film arrive as a commercial Pitt vehicle without dragging it through the festival circuit, but still give it the pomp and circumstance of a big gala two days after it has already landed stateside (and five days ahead of the UK release).

Previously announced, Morten Tyldum's “Imitation Game” will open the fest on Oct. 8.

“Fury” hits US theaters on Oct. 17.

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