Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker talk sexual tension and ‘Red 2’

07.16.13 4 years ago
As much as the “Red” franchise may feature shifting allegiances, lots of things blowing up, and good old action-comedy fun, at the movies’ heart is the relationship between Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) and Frank (Bruce Willis). We recently sat down with Parker and Willis to talk about “Red 2,” the changes in their characters’ relationship from the first movie, and the tension between the couple.
“Sexual tension is really the stuff that…” Willis began, with Parker finishing the thought “makes the world go round.” And, even if the word ‘tension’ may get over-used a little in the interview, the point remains valid – whatever else is happening in the film serves as a way to allow the characters to work out the push-and-pull of their relationship.
Parker and Willis, as you can see in the video, have a great dynamic and comfort level. In fact, we got a mere two questions in during the interview as they spent much of the time going back and forth, making each other laugh and generally enjoying themselves.
Willis told us that Sarah really ought to be the boss of the gang, but both seem to agree that just because Sarah is more involved in this movie, it doesn’t mean that we will ever see her become adept at spycraft. Parker told us that Sarah will lose her charm if she becomes a superspy, “she has to trip over herself, a little bit.”
We will have to see what the future will bring for Sarah, “Red” and the rest of the characters, certainly these two actors seemed to like playing the roles, as did both Helen Mirren and Byung-hun Lee in our interviews with them. And, just because it’s interesting, Byung-hun Lee, according to Willis and Parker, “he’s like a Rockette.”
“Red 2” kicks its way into theaters Friday July 19th.

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