CBS cuts Obama audio from the ‘Under the Dome’ pilot

06.14.13 5 years ago

CBS cuts Obama audio from the “Under the Dome” pilot

The president’s remarks from Hurricane Sandy were re-used in the pilot sent to critics, but CBS has opted to leave the presidents voice on the cutting room floor.

“Grey’s Anatomy” promotes 4
Gaius Charles, Camilla Luddington, Tessa Ferrer and Jerrika Hinton will become series regulars next season.

“Breaking Amish” is L.A.-bound

The new cast will have to deal with the modern world of Los Angeles.

Vincent Kartheiser explains “Mad Men’s” Pete and Bob moment
Kartheiser says, “Pete’s not quite aware when it first happens that that’s what it is. It”s not like Bob tried to kiss him, so he”s being subtle. He”s being slight with it, you know, because he doesn’t quite know that that”s what it means.” PLUS: Kiernan Shipka has noticed Sally Draper’s shorter skirts.

“Scandal” promotes Scott Foley

He’ll become a series regular in Season 3.

Jorge Garcia’s “Lost” reunion: He’ll appear on “Hawaii Five-0”

He’s returning to Hawaii for a reunion with Daniel Dae Kim.

“Katie” stations are not impressed
The mostly ABC affiliates that air Katie Couric’s talk show are hoping there’s tweaks to next season because Season 1 didn’t meet their ratings expectations.

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