Celebrating 50 Years Of Amazing G.I. Joe Fashion


Happy birthday, G.I. Joe! 

The world’s first action figure is turning fifty years old and man he looks good for a guy eligible for the AARP. And while toymaker Hasbro might have thought their doll for boys hit the market at the worst possible moment – landing on shelves in 1964 or one year before the U.S. entered the Vietnam War – the versatile army hero endured.

It might have been because most kids knew someone who was in the fight, or it might have been because he was the first articulated military action figure. Or it might have been because he was a fashionista. With dozens of accessories, playsets, and – of course – an outfit for every occasion, G.I. Joe was just as concerned about his looks as any Barbie.

Don’t believe me? Take a quick look back through his fashionable history for yourself!

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