Charlize Theron is the badass we need in the final ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ trailer


”Mad Mad: Fury Road” has played it close to the weathered, ancient vest when it comes to the plot. The trailers have been big on spectacle, leaving only tiny hints as to why Max and his new friends are fleeing across the desert while the man in black the crazed cult follows.

Now in the final push, the last trailer for “Fury Road” spills a handful of secrets. Audiences finally get a good look at Theron”s mechanical arm as she makes good on her delivery of “guzzoline” to an unknown buyer. In a world where fuel and water are precious commodities, it seems reasonable that war parties would chase carriers across the wasteland.

The latest trailer also amplifies my suspicions that Max is merely along for the ride, allowing Theron to take up the mantle of action hero.

We”ll all find out when “Mad Max: Fury Road” roars into theaters on May 15, 2015.

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