Comic-Con 2013: 5 great Jack Black one-liners from the ‘Ghost Ghirls’ panel

07.18.13 4 years ago

“What the heck is ‘Ghost Ghirls?” I bet you’re asking. “What is this adorably-named and furthermore adorably-spelled thing you speak of?” It’s a new web series coming to Yahoo! this spring about a pair of ditzy ghost hunters, and it is going to be funny and star-studded as all get out.

Co-creators Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci play the blonde-headed spirit hunters in the series, which was executive produced by Jack Black. Jack himself will appear in an episode as a member of a 70s ghost band that also boasts Dave Grohl and Val Kilmer. Additional guest stars will include Jason Schwartzmann, Jason Ritter and the always brilliant Natasha Leggero.

The panel marked Jack Black’s triumphant return to Comic-Con, which he had been woefully absent from since 2005. And he arrived in a cape! Here are 5 great JB one-liners from the panel:

1. “This is one of the worst demons I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to Tampa.”

2. “That’s always the first question I get asked: Where’s KG, man? How dare you show up anywhere without your main man Kayge?”

3. “I’d like to apologize. Earlier, I was throwing a lot of f-bombs around. I didn’t realize that there were a lot of kids.”

4. “If you asked Charlie Chaplin back in the day, ‘What’s your favorite silent movie?’ he’d say,’I don’t know. I’m kind of the first guy.'”

5. “I will protect you. I am Jack Black.”

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