Craig Ferguson congratulates James Corden using a photograph of his successor

09.09.14 3 years ago


Craig Ferguson congratulates James Corden using a photograph of his successor
“This is what it”s going to look like after Christmas,” said “The Late Late Show” host, pointing to a framed photo of Corden. “I”m getting ready.” He then told robot skeleton Geoff, “we”re out of here buddy. Yeay!”

Ashley Madison is developing a TV drama inspired by its website for cheaters
“There's a whole new story to tell about the mind of the cheating man and woman,” says Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman.

Steve Zahn and Romany Malco team for Amazon”s Shawn Ryan drama pilot “Mad Dogs”
They, along with Ben Chaplin will be part of “The Shield” creator”s drama pilot about a group of frat brothers who get involved in a murder case in Belize.

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A few Broadway theaters will rebel and dim their lights in honor of Joan Rivers
The move comes after the Broadway League opted against honoring Joan. PLUS: Mel Brooks recalls guest-hosting Joan Rivers' talk show in drag.

TiVo introducing a DVR with 26,000 hours of storage space costing $5,000
TiVo Mega boasts 24 terabytes of storage space.

Taylor Swift: “I”m Shoshanna” from “Girls”
“I could label all my girlfriends as Shoshannas, Jessas, Marnies or Hannahs,” she tells Rolling Stone. And which would she be? “I've thought about this a lot,” she says. A pause. “I'm Shoshanna.” PLUS: Lena Dunham and Jimmy Kimmel trade Emmy hunger stories.

Meredith Vieira wore jeans to her talk show debut, as tried to set a lighter tone than her predecessors
Vieira promised to be “authentic,” which is why she came on dressed in blue jeans. “Daytime television has the unique ability to connect with people on a very personal level,” she told her audience. PLUS: Vieira looks ready for the marathon job of talk-show hosting, the premiere was a “veritable Niagra of happy tears,” there was too much clutter, and the debut beame the “Happy Mom Hour.”

“The Tonight Show” plays “Family Feud”
Steve Harvey hosted as Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins and Jason Segel battled The Roots.

“Downton Abbey”s” Phyllis Logan is coming to “Bones”
She”ll play a millionaire on the Fox series.

“Teen Wolf”s” Season 5 finale, explained
Showrunner Jeff Davis explains all of last night”s twists.

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