DC’s new Power Girl ditches the boob window, looks amazing

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DC Entertainment

What”s a comic book company to do when their audience is diversifying and clamoring for representation, but entrenched fans will have an aneurysm is you so much as change a hair on a beloved hero”s head? You pass the torch with alternate universe trickery, duh!

Meet Tanya Spears, denizen of Earth-2 and intern at Starr Industries. When an explosion sends the original Power Girl (Karen Starr) back to her home universe, she leaves her legacy to Tanya. Including new superhero abilities and a check that would make Publisher”s Clearing House look like walking around money. 

Image Credit: DC Comics

Still discovering her emerging powers, Tanya took up the mantle of Power Girl and high-tailed it to New York to join the Teen Titans. But that could all change in February. On the back of select DC Comics on sale today, editor Eddie Berganza teased out Tanya”s upcoming choice. And showed off her new costume design.

Image Credit: DC Comics

See ya later, boob window! Hello pants! Between Batgirl, Spider-Woman, and now Power Girl, it”s clear we”ve reaching some kind of tipping point. The Big Two have heard the fans and are clearly making pains to change direction and be more inclusive with their brands. So far, so good. 

UPDATE! A finished look at Tanya Spears in her new costume, minus sketch lines.

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