Disney star Bella Thorne tackles her grittiest role yet in this exclusive clip from ‘Big Sky’

07.31.15 2 years ago

Bella Thorne rose to fame as the star of Disney's “Shake It Up,” but she's making her entry into the world of “grown-up” films with her role as an agoraphobic teen in the forthcoming thriller “Big Sky” co-starring Kyra Sedwick and Frank Grillo. Here's a synopsis:

A teenage girl who suffers a mortal fear of open spaces is enrolled in a high-end treatment facility by her mother (Sedgwick) in the hope that they can find a cure. When the van they are travelling in is suddenly attacked by two masked gunmen, she must confront her biggest fear and fight for her survival.

In this HitFix-exclusive clip from the film, directed by “We Are What We Are” helmer Jorge Michel Grau, Thorne's character awakes from a traumatic episode in the home of a (seemingly) friendly couple. How did she get there? Who are they really? I'm not sure if I trust them.

Watch the clip above.

“Big Sky” hits theaters on August 14.

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